Assured Workday Data Security

How certain are you that the data copied to implementation tenants by your training team is secure? Take no risks by ensuring that PII data never leaves your Workday tenant.


The Genie Data Scrambler offers SAML-based single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. No matter who is working in your non-production tenants, you decide who has access to data.


The Genie Data Scrambler is also integrated with our automated testing framework. The two solutions can significantly improve your Workday implementation, with high data security standards and an automated solution for testing.


Our tool automates the scrambling process and makes it all customizable. You can even select the PII fields you wish to scramble.

We’re more than a Workday consultancy. Our understanding of the platform is evident in our exclusive solutions for Workday. Here’s the impact you can expect.

Generate Better Returns

A Workday implementation can be configured for greater insights and better analytics. With our support, advice and products, all of these can be accelerated.

Free Up Resources

Our customizable packages and exclusive Workday solutions are results-driven. Integrations, updates, testing are all optimized for the users of the platform. RapidIT-Cloudbera will free up the time of your resources while improving user experience.

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