Are You Ready to Automate?

Genie, our automation framework can help automate your test scenarios for your Workday suite of applications. All your manual processes can be automated by Genie’s process automation engine. Genie comes with 1000’s of pre-defined test scenarios. Validate your Workday business processes configurations, Integrations, Security and Reports with a click and get test results delivered in your inbox.

Genie, our proprietary automated testing framework, can increase the accuracy of your testing effort by 90% while significantly reducing costs and staff effort.

A data encryption solution that ensures zero compromises of confidential data on non-production servers, with a Cloud-based authentication framework.

Workday Success With Genie: A Case Study

Learn how the Genie framework facilitates change as you transition to Workday 33

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We are automation experts. Our understanding or automation is evident in an automation solution for Workday. Here’s the impact you can expect.

Generate Better Returns

A Workday implementation can be configured for greater insights and better analytics. With our support, advice and products, all of these can be accelerated.

Free Up Resources

Our customizable packages and exclusive Workday solutions are results-driven. Integrations, updates, testing are all optimized for the users of the platform. RapidIT-Cloudbera will free up the time of your resources while improving user experience.

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The Only Way To Test

Meet or exceed deadlines with a top-quality system that is loaded with features and always on-time and on-budget

Greater Accuracy

Fewer Resources

Lower Costs


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